Sunday, July 02, 2006


Well, do I ever remember you, really, as if it was just yesterday. You were always one of the most willing Techs and, one of the most pleasant -- it's hard to believe that all those years have gone by and you're now a retired senior. And believe me, the longer we live the faster time goes by so you better help me get the crew together for some good, happy talk and maybe a brew or two.
By the way do you know of Artie Tinn's whereabouts, or George Zavales.
As an aside, you mentioned the Color Matching Operation -- If you don't know who the best at it was, I'll tell you, it was Apollo Taleporos, and Frank Florio was absolutely the very best at matching cameras. Wow, today guys in the pit catch up on their sleep because the computer is doing their job.
In case you don't know it, although I have been using my computer daily I am still illiterate in some areas such as, how do I fing your e-mail address so that I don't have to load up the website with my ramblings?.
John Koushouris.