Monday, July 17, 2006

For Jackie Sacs:

Bless the children who are interested in the career of their fathers. We spent much time away from our families but loved our families more for allowing us to do a job we so loved. We never had to grow old. Many of us have crossed over what pet lovers call the RAINBOW BRIDGE. Many of us are close to it.
I worked with your dad in 1951 as an assistant technician on the Studio One crew. How I remember that great smile of his as I was introduced to him, the same smile depicted on this website. He was a boom operator. I was a boom pusher. His job was to cover sets audiowise as predetermined in rehearsals. My job was to get him there. I really wanted to earn his approval. He gave me a feeling that he appreciated my work ethic (a blue collar Polish kid)) and I found out later that he would request to have me as his boom pusher. That was how new people gained a reputation and eventually led to promotion. In your dads case it was to cameraman. In my case it was to video engineer. I felt that he set me on the path.
I learned at the time that his brother was Morton Gould . WOW, a celebrated musical conductor. Over the years my view is that Morton Gould's brother is Stan Gould, a quiet gentleman and superb cameraman.
Stan probably doesn't remember me but I remember him well.
Keep the faith,
Frank Novack