Wednesday, July 05, 2006

As a frequent visitor to your website, I am touched and saddened to read of the passing of so many talented technical artists. It would be an interesting addition to the site, if there were biographies posted of those in the current ranks, and those who's signals are now silent.I am not a CBS retiree, but have learned so much from your site. As a person who grew up during television's "Golden Age", it is fascinating to meet, even just through the web site, the people who worked behind the scenes on so many historical broadcasts. I know that the original intention of your site was to create a way for the retirees to keep in touch. However, for those of us who have discovered it through Google or some other search engine, it has become a treasure chest of information for those of us interested in the history of television and the talented people behind the cameras who made it happen.A special "thank you" to Frank Novack who very graciously answered my e-mail regarding questions about The Ed Sullivan Theatre. Not only did he take the time to answer my questions about The Ed, he also took the time to answer several more about the various New York production facilities and other technical questions. Thank you again Frank!Please consider a "Meet Our Members" or other biographical section as an addition to the site. It would be interesting to read the biographies, including the facilities they worked in and the shows they worked on.Thanks again for a wonderful site and a unique opportunity for us to take a peek behind the scenes.

JR Smith
Scottsdale, Arizona
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