Thursday, June 15, 2006

Was happy to see our names, Barbara and John Koushouris, listed as wanting our address. Here then is the information:
John L. Koushouris

517-B Iroquois Lane

Stratford, CT. 06614

203-381-9935 -- Cel: 203-921-9610

I would love to have members of the original Color Tv group contact me so that we might arrange a nostalgic lunch. They would have worked with me at the Peace House at 109th St., the summer of 1950, operating the first live TV programs using the CBS Color Sequential System.
I headed up the group as a Technical Director because I worked in ERD, Dr. Goldmark's Research Labs, as an engineer developing Sequential Color, the LP record and IAMS, the Instananeous Audience Measuring Service from January 1945 till September 1949. It was then that I transferred to Operations.
There were other Color projects, like the one at 79th St. and Broadway, a movie studio that we transformed into a color center using two systems of color, the first with tri tube RCA cameras and the second using monochrome type cameras with rotating discs feeding a Chromacoder back at the Labs.
Wonderful memories that should be rehashed with the first and best color operating group that ever existed.
Where are Frank Florio, Artie Tinn, Apollo Taleporos, George Zavales, Walter Grunmald, Lew Tedesco (Lou, I know, is no more but is sorely missed), Hal Warner, Herbie Schwartz, Harvie Schwartz, Chuck Bodien, Joe Sokota, Johnnie Ewing to name a few of the real Pioneers of Television, COLOR, that is.
By the way, I skimmed over an article on your website describing the "The Early Days Of Color TV" by someone unknown to me and wondered about his research sources and persons.
I, John L. Koushouris and this technical group are and were, as the case may be, the FIRST Pioneers in the Network Color TV Field so it's natural that I'd be interested in his creditials.
There is at least one source that documents these facts and that's one of two books I've written, the one in question Being, "THE GOLDEN AGE."
"Been there, done that"
Regards, to my CBS buddies, the happiest years of my working life!.
John K,