Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!!. What a faux pas!! How in God's name could I forget Joe Geiger, really the electronics wizard of the 20th century.
I didn't forget Hugo but I did forget Joe Pontorno, Hal Deppe, and the others that you mentioned but still pretty good for a guy who just turned 86 this past Saturday, the 24th.
I'm really disappointed with only 3, yes three, replies to my e-mail asking about the color crew. I'm even more disappointed by the almost zero activity on the web. Wow, I honestly thought there'd be volumes of messages but the same ones are on for months even years. Something's wrong but I can only imagine its laziness brought on by old age and lack of interest in most activities. I wish someone would prove me wrong. Anyway, I'm patiently waiting for my old color crew to yell out, "HERE!".

John Koushouris