Monday, June 26, 2006

Hi Dave..

Sorry to hear about Dwight Temple. Dwight was a T.D. when I came to C.B.S in 1949. Shrinking Technology...TK 41 ...Ampex Quad Tape Recorder...3V Film Chain...30" Dumont Kine. Yes, we are getting old. Weather here: no rain since Dec..05.. .Temp.103. .Long Island was always Wet..I lived in Levittown 24 Yrs. Living here in Arizona the only way to keep in touch is with E. Mail and the Website...John K. left out a few Names from His Color Crew. They are......
Joe Geiger, Frank Fink, Joe Pontorno, Hugo Ripp, Fred Reinhart, Harold Deppe. Glad to hear from Him. It's been a long time and many 5U4s ago.