Saturday, May 20, 2006

Isaias Rivera

Robert Pattison

Lord, let us never forget the tragic events that led to the death of two of CBS's finest employees.
May their families find the peace in their hearts that strengthens their resolve.
We ask, Lord, that this treachery never again befalls anyone, anywhere that freedom lives.

I felt that sentiment later in the month of the treacherous attack on our nation. But, now with our military force's death toll
climbing in our fight for the freedom of people in the oppressed countries of the world, I don't want to become complacent
and accept the higher body count with a blasé attitude.

We at CBS lost two coworkers, which became the first casualties of the war on terrorism. They are not listed in the daily
body counts, nor are they considered killed in action, along with the military.
We will never forget them. As the innocent victims of such a cowardly act, they become symbolic heroes
in the fight against evil.
There are other members of the broadcast industry that lost their lives on that memorable day of infamy.
They too, should be eulogized along with our own family members. And it goes without saying,
that all those who died in that holocaust showed the fight-back-courage that is inherent in our American
system of freedom of choices.
September 11th, 2001 should not be the catch-phrase for the politicians to gather votes, but a day for all Americans
to realize that the battlefield is now at our doorstep, and to be ever on guard for the evil of terrorism to fester in our midst.
Once again, we pray for their immortal souls, and hope that there is a softening of the pain their families felt because of their loss.
CBS Retirees Staff

The six men killed on Sept 11th, 2001 are:

WCBS/Ch.2 Isaias Rivera and Bob Pattison
WNBC/Ch.4 William Steckman
WABC/Ch.7 Donald Franco
WPIX/Ch.11 Steven Jacobson
WNET/Ch. 13 Gerard (Rod) Coppola

Tony Cucurullo

CBS HONOR ROLL (in alphabetical order):

John Baranello, WW2
Vincent Bartilucci, Radio Op, B17 Memphis Belle Sqd. Dsc/Air Medal/Bronze Star
Rich Brender, Viet Nam
Paul Buda, WW2 (deceased)
Vinnie Castrataro, Korea, WW2
Harry Charles, WW2
Anthony H Cipolla, WW2
Chico Claudio (deceased), WW2, Combat Photographer
David A. Cohn, WW 2
Al Consiglio
Colonel Dom Corrado
Walter Cronkite, WW2
Tony Cucurullo, WW2, Korea, UDT/Seals Assn
Bob Dailey, Combat Photographer 163rd Sig Photo Co., WW2
Mike DeIeso, WW2, Philippines
Tom Delila, Guadalcanal
Dick Douglas
Scott Eithier (deceased), Marines
Pierce Evans WW2, (Battle of the Bulge)
Al Fabricatore, WW2
Royce Fish, WWII
Capt. Frank Florio, Bombardier, Pacific
Bruno Fucci, US Navy 1942-1946 WW2
Goody freed, Korea
Lt. Elliot Gordon
Major Milt Greenwald
Angelo 'Chic' Gulino, WW2, Marines- Pacific
Capt. Harry Haigood, WW2
James Herschel, U.S. Army, post Korea
Jack Katz (deceased), WW 2, AAF, Tech.Sgt., Air Medal, 45 missions over Europe.
Sgt. Mike Kaufman, (Video Tape) Air Force, Korea, 1952
Sid Kaufman,1942-1946 U.S Signal Corps -42nd Rainbow Infantry Divison.
George Klimcsak Navy LCI Landing Craft Infantry, Okinawa.
Sgt. Bob Keeshan, (Capt. Kangaroo) Marines WW 2, Iwo Jima, Navy Cross
Art Korff, Lt. Col, Air Force (still active...Langley, VA.)
Al Kozak Navy, (deceased)
Capt. Herman Lang, WW 2, Gen. Patton's 3rd Army
John Lincoln (deceased), WW2, Combat Photographer
George Magee, (deceased)USN WW2, Korea
Cal Marotta, Marines, WW2, Bikini, Guam
Frank Marth Navy
Lou Mascek, (deceased) WW2, USAF -Bougainville
Dennis "Patty" McBride, (deceased), WW 2, Combat Photographer
Neil McCaffery, SGT. Viet Nam
Jim McCarthy, WW2, Europe
Jim McQuiston, (deceased), Navy, WW2
Lt. Col. Sig Meyers. WW2, Combat Photographer, Phillipines
Bill Naeder, 2nd.Inf. Div., Korea (14 months)
George Naeder, Battleship New Jersey, WW2
Jim Ognibene, Viet Nam
Capt. Dave Paine, Fighter Pilot, WW2
Colonel William S. Paley, WW2, Office of Strategic Services
Dan Parmelee, M/Sgt, WW2, Grp. Com. Chief, 366th Fighter Group, 9th Air Force.
Gene Pasculli WW2
Ted Perzeszty, Korea
Phil Polanski, WW2 Silver Star
Larry Quinlan, Marine Corp - Solomons, & New Georgia, 3MACorp
Major Jesse Rineer
Andy Rooney, LT. WW2
Jim Rose, Vietnam
George Smith, WW2
Joe Sokota
Marty Solomon
Sy Steiger, OSS, WW2
Joe Strano
Vernon Surphlis, China Burma, WW2
Bernie Sweeney, 2nd Cav, Vietnam
Bob Thomas (Agent Orange deceased), Telecine, Viet Nam