Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Hi Dave:

Thanks for putting the photos up so quickly. The question mark after my name should be replaced with the name: Art Voldstad. (Done!- Dave)
Art worked for WCBS Radio as a technician, since the 1950's, long before Paul, George and myself got there. Art's Amateur call sign is N1EKM. After he retired from CBS in the 1990's, he became a ship board radio officer at the urging and encouragement of Dwight Temple, W2ATM. Art has since retired from his second career, but is still a dedicated CBSer.This luncheon was another grand event. I think John Taddei's suggestion of holding all future gatherings at the Swan Club is a valid suggestion, since the Jersey gatherings have not had much success. The participation is dwindling, probably due to the aging of the members and associated health problems, but the dedicated spirit will remain, no matter what. I spoke with Tony Casola and thanked him for his and Ted's dedication to the event. I think more publicity months in advance is needed to promote the luncheons. Doris Reardon kept the spirit alive with her newsletter in the past. At this point in time there is not enough current info published that can knit the group together. Just my 2 cents worth.
Keep up the good work.
It's what we all need.
Bob Maickel