Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Dwight Temple - 9/12/1913 - 5/29/2006

Superlatives; all! You pick one and it applies to the character of this gentle man.
Dwight Temple graced the stage of life with all the aplomb of a courtesan gentleman. His technical skills afforded him the chance to traverse the world as an adventure that is usually only applied to those communication officers of the maritime industry. That character foundation was the cornerstone of his talents as a Technical Director, during the era of the growth of the television industry's live shows, and too, when the technical talents of the TD was at its zenith, he was much sought-after for his capabilities as a catalyst between production and technical.
His crews were people that stayed with him as long as any other crews that worked in this highly competitive field. They were loyal to him and he was always looking out for their interests as artisans and craftsmen.
His friends are legion; they admired his work ethic, and his dedication to CBS. His counsel to the young technicians was always sought after, for that was the way to quick promotions. He was a fun person and a delightful man to be around. Dwight was also one of the founding fathers of this gathering of CBS people to keep our memories alive and interesting. Along with other great pioneers of radio, and then television, they formed the original associations of the broadcast industry.
His lovely daughter, Barbara, always made sure that her Dad had many 'Alice-in-Wonderland' type birthday celebrations, for there were many very happy half-year birthday parties.
And now, the pantheon is filled with another icon of industry. I wish I could sign off in the language of dots-and-dashes, I would wish him a big Thank You, for a life's work with a fine man.
Peace be with you.
Tony Cucurullo