Thursday, March 09, 2006

Tony C's picture of Walter Schirra reminds me of a special time in my technical career. CBS won the toss to be the first network to interview the Apollo 11 astronauts via a special one hour Face the Nation moderated by Walter Cronkite. Bob Vitarelli (director), Joe Tier (EIC), Emil Franks (Lighting Director), and myself were sent down to Houston to aid the technical coverage by the local CBS affiliate. When the broadcast concluded, we were fortunate to be able to chat with Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins. Each of us had been given the NASA official packet for this flight and the three graciously autographed the photograph. I framed this historic artifact hopefully to have it pass on through our family which now extends to great grandchildren. The only item missing was the Apollo 11 patch. 1989 found me working at USIA TV. I was asked to go to Paris as technical coordinator for interactive coverage of the twentieth anniversary of the landing on the moon with Buzz Aldrin. After the broadcast, Buzz gave each of us an Apollo 11 patch. Thus my memorabilia was complete. Both the autographed picture and the patch reside behind glass in a special frame. In what seemed like a bonus, we also received a lapel pin for something called the Hubble Telescope. Little did we know ! .
It was a wonderful time. We were young and covering exciting events.Best of all we were CBS Television technicians.
God bless
Frank Novack

Pictures to be added soon!