Friday, March 03, 2006

In response to the mention of Network Timing by Kevin Segura.

Having first worked in Network Radio and later on at the Television Network at CBS,
I always remember the on-coming Program starting "straight up", as the saying was...

As a matter of fact for the longest time, we had a Tone that was broadcast exactly on the the hour----When Radio decided to abandon the Tone, we asked them for the Tone generator and I installed it in EC (Equipment Center) to be used on the TV net. ---It was used for a while then it was abandoned there also----

The point I eventually want to make is that, programs always ended and started
and a precise time!!! I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but most programs, and even Network News does not start exactly on The Hour, as a matter of fact they even show the Time (and Temp.) which is not right on the hour...

It's probably not a "big" deal but I wonder why they got away from the policy----
Is the FCC no longer the Watchdog it used to be? Something brought about by "New Technology"?---

Submitted by Gene Pasculli