Sunday, February 12, 2006

A tribute to Herman Lang

On the big movie screen George Scott played the bigger-than-life General George Patton, the commander of the 3rd Army during World War 2. It was a good casting, but, if you had to cast an actor to play the part of Herman Lang the only one that comes to mind would be Herman himself?

I can see that Scott could be the bastard general, but while Patton and Herman played soldiers in actual combat no mere actor could be so imposing as to be the intelligent interpreter of enemy soldiers, the diminutive military Captain, the gentle voracious reader of history and pulp-fiction, and that for which he will be regarded as, the quintessential TV-cameraman.

His exploits as the interpreter during the infamous Nuremburg Trials that secured revenge for society more than it did for the principals of jurisprudence, placed him dead center historically with the scourges of the Third Reich.

I shall remember him for the many book stores we perused together looking for those rare literary treats. Herman collected cars, and was a beekeeper, but he collected friends and they stayed close for he was a loyal and fun-loving person to be around.

Herman will remain in my memory as one of the outstanding characters that I met while touring a life’s work at CBS.


Tony Cucurullo