Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Thanks for the memories Ed.

..........Studio One, The Web, Morning Shows (Cronkite, Dick Van Dyke, Will Rogers Jr.)National Election Results.
Franklin Schaffner (PATTON), Robert Mulligan (TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD), Ralph Nelson (CINDERELLA) John Peyser (DANGER, SUSPENSE) developed their talents in GRAND CENTRAL studios 41 and 42.
The little known and little used 7th floor rehearsal hall had a piano which was utilized by a mail boy named BARRY MANILOW on his breaks. It also served as a stickball field (wadded duct tape and broom handle for bat and ball) for Studio One crew on our breaks.
My sincerest sympathy for the families of HERMAN LANG and RAY SAVIGNANO and my thanks that our paths coincided for a while.
Frank Novack