Monday, February 27, 2006

In response to the inquiry about John Koushouris by BIG HAROLD, John wrote to the website in the September 2005 archives giving his address and a poignant request to join the group. It would not be a CBS group without the likes of John. There also was a message from another icon of tech ops, Bob Sammon in that same grouping of messages.
On a personal note, my mother used to get tickets for her favorite show, THE KATE SMITH SHOW. I was 14 and overwhelmed by the setting for this radio show from playhouse 3. The two things I took to the memory bank was 1. The large oscilloscope mounted on the audio booth....STAND BY/ON THE AIR 2. the young guy with the most luxuriant head of gray hair running in and out of the booth before air. Someone said he's the audio engineer. Some years later, after I was discharged from army duty, I became an usher at playhouse 3, then into TVTO. I was sent to the VERN GAMBLE crew as a relief technician. I was told to report to the TD. I was introduced to a slightly older man with the most luxurious head of slightly grayer hair. Where had I seen him before? And that's the other side of the story.
Frank Novack