Tuesday, February 14, 2006

In answer to Harold Deppe's "Challenge":

I remember in Master Control in Grand Central, Arnold King was another Supervisor, Bert Grady, Jim Fowler, Milt Greenwald, Earl(Mutual Fund)Isom, Al Sabin, Sid Gasner. Maint.was Herb Zvorist. Later on George Gray left 43 switching into MC. In 43 The switcher teams were Gil Miller, George Maber, Emil Affen, Myron Duval, Sy Farkus,Art Korff, Al Vargas, Max Streem, Bob Kane, Norm Levine, Jack Goldstein, and the 43/Telecine supervisors were Henry Seitz, Sam Lawrence, John Wyman.And I forgot "ME"..From this group most moved to different departments over time and space...I know I missed some names and I'm Sorry for any omissions but I'm sure anyone left out will let us know..I remember two names in particular in the 43 shader group..Marty Polk and John Kemp, John worked Sign-ons and Marty worked Sign-offs.....Oh! I also remember outside of Studio 41 in the hall Ed Murrow sitting in a straight backed chair with a towel wrapped around his neck and a Coke bottle in one hand and a cigarette in the other while Frances (her last name please) applied make-up for "See It Now" or" Person To Person" Anecdotes may follow in time......
Harry Charles