Monday, February 13, 2006

To the Retirees that are still with us. Do you Remember?? Grand Central Studio's 41 42 43 44...41, 42, 44 and the Maint shop were on the 3rd floor...Plus Telecine, Master Control and Studio 43 Film Control were on the 4th floor,TV Recording 2nd Floor. All flats were brought up to the Studio's from the truck by { ROPE} past the stairs..Live Television shows ...I Remember Mama ....Man Against Crime...Danger... Lucky Pup...Doug Edwards and the News .. Ed. Murrow... Iconoscope Film Cameras and the 35 and 16 mm Projectors. We can't forget... Fred Reinhart, Bruce Meyers, Joe Geiger, Pappy Treat, Fred Huff, Ed Benford, Ben Ackerman, Hugo Ripp, Nat DeGutz, Tom Nadig... {Ed Ring in Master Control}. Are there any Retirees that can add to the early Days of TV at Grand Central?? There must be some from St. 43 still around...
Harold Deppe