Monday, February 27, 2006

Here is the latest photo of Lt. Colonel Art Korff former Business manager of Local 1212 and a technician, formerly of CBS. Although Art is retired from CBS, he still is an active officer in the Air Force at Langley Air base here in Virginia. As you can see in the photo Art is wearing his tartan. He is an instructor in the Scottish bagpipes and is a member of the Newport News Police department Drum and Pipes band.
I took this picture of Art at St. Andrews Episcopal Church this Sunday. It is the day that the tartans get blessed. He and his wife Ann, are very involved in their churches affairs. It is a long way from the board rooms of the union. Art recently qualified in passing his flight testing, this is a yearly ritual in the military.
I asked Art if he ever misses the old days of CBS and the union. Not Art, he believes in today and doesn't reminisce about the old days.
Tony Cucurullo