Saturday, February 25, 2006

Harold & the gang,

My days at CBS don't go back as far as yours, but I still have some interesting stories to tell!
Just a quickie or two for now...
I started with CBS at the labs in Stamford in the early to mid '60s, and remember working with Ren MCMann, Dr. Goldmark, Harvie Schwartz, Sol Decker, Bernie Klibaner, Emil Tureck, John Hollywood and many other colorful people. From there I went to the EVR facility in Rockland,NJ, where I worked with Blair Benson, Bob Simms (who's son I later worked with at the B.C.) and others. When EVR folded, I transferred to the B.C. and started in the construction shop under Mac McKelvey and Stu Rochet. I worked side by side with Phil Chubb, Merritt Kirschoff, and many other fine craftsmen. Then on to the Control and Automation department, where I worked with Hugo Ripp, Henry Korkus, Joe Strano, Irwin Solow, Les Burkhardt, Carl Clarke, Tony Casola, and, again, many other amazing people. When I retired in 2002, we had several capable women working in the department, like Mary Lou Bak, Margaret Butler and Debbie Matut. I saw us go from a seven foot rack Frame Synchronizer down to a one rack unit F.S! From Telops and Lobster Crawls to Vidifonts, Chyrons and high powered Silicon Graphics equipment. From motor driven faders to Total Automation Systems! These were also some exciting years. In 33 1/3 (interesting!) years at the B.C and about six more at the labs and EVR, it was a wide and varied experience that I will always remember.

Dave, your humble Webmaster