Wednesday, January 25, 2006

"Tony, relieve Ancona on camera, he has to start cooking the macaroni," that was the command from the control room to me on the floor of the set of 'Love of Life'. When we worked in the studios on 26th Street the very studios where the Sgt. Bilko show, starring Phil Silvers originated.
During lunch time Bob Myrum the director, and cast and crew, would eat the sumptuous meals that Tony Ancona could cook for all of us,........for a small fee. For Tony Ancona was not only a gourmet cook, an outstanding golfer, and a versatile cameraman.
He also possessed entrepreneurial skills that kept him restless unless he was planning the next financial venture for him and his family. He also helped many people to obtain investment portfolios.

I worked for him doing the mini-cam on a show he produced for Phil Rizzuto, and the New York Yankees. He golfed with them and they raised money for the Blind School run by the Nuns.
Over the years Tony's talent was exceptional and he was in demand to do camera on many shows in the studios and the field. He was affable and very friendly.
What ever plain he is now at, you can bet your last dollar that he already has a pot of water boiling for the spaghetti, outside the gates that will surely get this very fine man into heaven.

Tony Cucurullo