Monday, January 30, 2006

There are very few men in this world that someone somewhere could not say a single bad word about but Tony Ancona was one of those men. It is highly unlikely, in my mind, that anyone who knew him and of his passing, didn't shed a tear. I stirred plenty of sauce. Tony worked at CBS but in his spare time between golf engagements ( teaching D'onofrio & the boys the finer art) and selling, or attempting to sell, Mutual Funds , Insurance, Golf clubs, Movies ("I'll Bury You Tomorrow "), Television Shows (remember the country music show with Bill Monroe?), or working at on outside production with Unitel, North American Video, Video East, WPHL, etc. , many of which we worked on together. I don't think I've ever met anyone that worked in more places and knew more people than Tony. After we/I (he will never retire) retired he always found time to drop me a note to see how I was doing, give me encouragement and put on a happy face. I hadn't a clue from his upbeat notes that he was even ill. I loved him & will miss him dearly.

Goody Freed