Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Yo Bill,

George and I and Cal Marotta were in the same lab group at RCA Institute and graduated together. I told them that CBS was going to do a major hiring. You know George, he went there immedately rather than gain experience by answering want ads posted on bulletin boards from stations in PODUNK, He told me that the girl took his application and due to the magic name of RCA put it on the top of the pile. She said they had hundreds of applications but it was just as easy to take the new ones coming to her desk, and so HISTORY was made. He worked nights at the Department of Sanitation and also utilized a radio broadcasting police signals and a film camera to supply news organizations with overnight stories. No sluggard was he. I was responsible for his adopting the IRISH SETTER who was a real wild thang. Erin, (the dog), was true to his instincts and was run over sadly enough, by a Sanitation TRUCK. George was so overcome by this tragedy that he refused to take pictures of it. He vowed to only live his life with his family nearby. Thus the NAEDER saga at CBS began. George begat Bill and Bill begat Bill Jr. and CBS begat some mighty fine technicians.
Charley, my friend, I certainly remember Joe D., you and I and the Spanish fly (ST) working in the best studio theater job that CBS offered. We were permanent video maintenance at what is now called the ED SULLIVAN theater. It was the site that I was first hired as a part time usher in 1948. Poetic justice! Why would anyone leave a position like that to work in an untried medium which probably will fail? I just have ONE word for this decision... I AM POLISH. How many words is that? And a one , and a two...Word 2 - George Gould. His vision gave us the TV production facilities that we see today. How many jobs he created!!
When Sid Kaufman took me back to build the plant at 2020 M St., I was at home. Joe Tier was like a brother and a wonderful man. But as fate would have it, Sid returned to NY. Joe followed a few years later. It was not CBS from the leadership perspective, but at least our paths crossed on remotes, at the Cape, sports, etc. I think of the stories and the characters - De Lilla, Classon, Bresson, McGrath , Pumo, and especially a decent human being and more than a decent video man and TD as I knew you.
Much more to fill in from your side. Perhaps, I will make it to one of the Retiree luncheons, if you are there.
Peace, Charley...
Pax Vobiscum to you, Bill
Frank Novack aka THE POLISH FALCON