Saturday, November 05, 2005

Re: Skitch Henderson

I worked with Skitch Henderson on a show called "Wonderful Town" in the early 1950's. The show was hosted by Faye Emerson who was married to Skitch at the time.
Skitch conducted the live orchestra. The show originated in Studio 42 at 15 Vanderbilt Ave. I did audio and Ben Russ was the TD. Harold Hoffman was on camera. I remember a real "Blooper" that occurred on the show. The sponsor of the program was PEPSI COLA and the commercials were done live from the studio. Faye Emerson walked up to a hotdog stand and orders a PEPSI. The vendor then begins to extol the virtues of Pepsi. At the end of his spiel he emotes "Ah yes, there's nothing better than a cold bottle of COCA COLA"! .....I could here a loud groan in the control room from the sponsor reps. It was live so it could not be bleeped out!... I remember Skitch as a real gentleman.
I wonder if anyone else remembers the show?
Jay Chichon