Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Greetings Jay,

I also started in January but in 1951 as an unassigned AT. I was cableman on Studio One for the gentlemanly TD Dwight Temple. After several weeks, I was designated to be a boom pusher as a regular on the crew. I rushed out and bought a carton of ivory soap for lubricating the rubber boom wheels (minimize squeeks) and grease pencils to establish my turf from marauding cameramen arriving at scene on wrong lens. The proof was in the greasy floor!
Then came BOOM OPERATOR. I feel after some months of our association, Joe made a case for promotion to FULL TECH because I was offered a sound man opening by Orville Sather. I asked if it were possible to become a video man. It was and I did, replacing Bob Pierringer and still on the crew.
The last time a glow filled my space and the walls faded away was in high school when it was announced that the Cardinal Hayes H.S. BAND would represent Notre Dame at Yankee Stadium in their game with Army; The war (WW2 the big one) was on at the time. The entire class including our teacher just smiled and smiled and smiled. I got the same glow as you dicussed the familiar scene of the turntables to the side and back of Joe. He would teach me how to patch up for the show after setting up the boom and other needed mikes. What delightful chats we had and if I expressed concern over scratching a record, he would softly say "LAASHES ". You can do it.. May GOD bless him.
Well old friend, the walls have returned to their original position.The secret of the retirees group is that as we write and read we remember the little things and the BIG people and we smile, smile, smile.
Frank Novack