Saturday, October 22, 2005

One evening, I was called to report to studio 41 at Grand Central Station to do the
Edward R. Murrow show, as they were short an audio ute. They shot the show in the control room and two cameras were used. One was brought into the video pit, and one was placed behind the directors console, one step up, where the show's clients would sit. They placed a short tongue dolly in the studio so you could see it when they shot Murrow across from the client's level and through the glass to the studio floor.
He sat facing a console, which held the monitor and some telephones.
My job was to set Murrow's mike and headphones. Why they wanted headphones, I don`t know.
Since I was called so late, I barely got finished when we went on the air.
I didn't have time to get out of the way, so I sat on the floor to his right for the whole show.
When the show was over, I heard Fred Friendly say to Murrow, "We are going to catch hell
starting tomorrow."
One thing people don't know about him is he was very interested in children's education through TV. Once a week, if I had no assignment, I would be sent to Murrow's office. I ran many an audition of children's shows on 16mm film in his office. He was superstitious... whenever he moved to a new office, his big black door would go with him. I never saw him without a cigarette.

Cal Marotta