Sunday, October 16, 2005

Klimy called and told me "Red died." He didn't have to say the full name for I knew instantly that he was referring to "Red" Bill Berridge. Just like we call George,...... Klimy, and then there is Chico, and Bruno, Joe Deso, some men were so popular that there name is reduced too, or shortened to some sobriquet. Bill also is remembered as a very fine man, a gentleman, and of course an excellent video engineer. One of my first remotes was with Bill and I was assigned to a room next to his, and on the day of air, which was usually Sunday, Red asked me If I was going to early mass with him, (he never missed mass if it was at all possible). And he always left a check in the collection basket (kinda' as proof of attendance for the IRS). Another characteristic was that he would leave a tip for the room service maid, always. He just had a set of high moral values. Another mortal soul has passed this way leaving all that knew him richer and pleased to have been in his company.
Pax Vobiscum
Tony Cucurullo
PS: A note to Sid :
"You will never be alone, at least not in the thoughts of your friends."
Forget solitaire and meet some of the brothers living with you in Florida."