Friday, October 21, 2005

I submit this as an addendum to Gayle DePoli's message on the Murrow, Friendly years! In the early part of 1954, I began my broadcasting career at NBC. My first assignment was as a utility man on the KATE SMITH show. We were pre-empted more often than not for the "Army-McCarthy hearings." I remember sitting in the control room of the studio on 44th or 47th street (not sure which one) along with the crew and production staff watching in disbelief how this man seemed to be attacking anything and everything that we believed in.
Time went by, and I came to CBS working on the Jack Paar show in studio 41--the same studio where "See it Now" and "Person to Person" aired. At the time, it didn't seem very significant to be so close to such a great man. As time went on, it became a shrine to journalism - he and Fred Friendly made it so. I have not yet seen the movie, "Good Night and Good Luck", but I get chills every time I see the promos.
Memories, memories...
Bob Vernum