Friday, October 21, 2005

Good Night and Good Luck

Last night I went to a movie, "Good Night and Good Luck". Now I may have been a small child during the McCarthy hearings. But I do remember "Person To Person". The show that Edward R. Murrow wasn't fond of. Even though I started in 1972 at CBS, I did have the pleasure to work with Fred Friendly many times in the '80's on "Media and Society Seminars" at Columbia Uiversity....and beyond. I worked on those shows with Mark Ganguzza from some of the greatest universities. Places like the FBI building in Washington, DC. And the Nation War College in McClean, VA. We were at the National War College shooting "the Other Side of the News" when the ground war broke out during Desert Storm. Another one of the fascinating shows produced by Fred Friendly. The man who was one of our greatest champions of the Constitution of the USA. He made sure we all had pocket copies with us. I still have mine. In addition, it was a pleasure to work on "60 Minutes" for years working with Don Hewitt, Palmer Williams, Joe and Shirley Wershba. Watching the movie last night was thrilling for me to get a peek at the behind the scenes of the time. Even if it were Hollywood's view. Joe and Shirley Wershba and the Friendly family were consultants on the film. And how wonderful to have Fred Friendly portrayed by George Clooney? What about Frank Langella as Bill Paley? Well, Mr. Paley to us. A great film shot on Video in Black and White 24p and Directed by George Clooney. And if you like jazz, it has a great soundtrack showcasing Dianne Reeves. Don't miss it. A terrific history lesson of CBS News. And a walk down memory lane for some.
Boy, you guys sure smoked a lot of cigarettes back then.

Gayle P. DePoli