Wednesday, September 28, 2005

To Peggy McManus:

I am very sorry to hear about your father and even more sorry that I didn't respond sooner. I was away and just arrived home. Your father was a fine man. He was respected and liked by his friends and fellow workers. He was a devoted and dedicated worker, always concerned about getting the show on the air. He would work all hours on his own time to correct a problem, many times without anyone else aware of the problem. He didn't do it for recognition, he did it because he was a professional and he had to be satisfied the show was ready for air. As an example, I am sending you one incident (see attachment) that occurred where your dad was supposed to leave at 12 midnight and worked until 7 am to get the show on the air. No one told him to... he knew what he had to do. After we both retired, we had lunch together a few times, and I am sorry we didn't do it more often. My wife and your mother met a few times and she enjoyed her company, so would you please send us your mom's address as we would like to send our condolences.

Vinny and Theresa Castrataro