Thursday, September 01, 2005

Received the following communication from John Koushouris:

517-Iroquois Lane
Stratford, CT. 06614

I was a member of the Association some years ago
and for reasons foreign to me I suddenly was
dropped into the "dead file".
At any rate, while writing two books, I renewed
friendships with Dick O'brien and found out that he
was indeed a member of the CBS Operations group.
Actually Adrian Ettlinger was the one who passed on
your address to me.

Reason for writing: If membership is still open I wish
to rejoin as a founding member of the CBS
Operations Group. Actually, I went to work for Dr.
Peter Goldmark, father of color TV, on January 6,

I worked under Peter Goldmark on high powered
radar for the Pacific war and on VJ Day I started to
work on the development of Color TV, Sequential,
that is.

In 1949, I transferred from CBS Labs to CBS TV
Operations as TD of Crew 16, doing the Perry Como
Show and the Stork Club Show.
In 1950, I transferred to Engineer In Charge of color
TV. From there I went on to head up the
development and operations of Video Tape

At any rate I can truthfully say that I spent 17 of the
most fabulous years of my life at CBS. And, at this
point in my life I'd really like to re-establish the
relationships of those marvelous, wonderful years
with people like, Frank Florio, George Zavales, Joe
Sakota, Don Dube, John McManus, Al Diamond, Artie
Tinn, Hugo Ripp, Hal Warner, Herb Schwartz, Billie
Bell, Sandy Bell, "Black Sam", Bob Wilson, Vernon
Surphlis, Apollo Taleporos (in CA.), Blair Benson and
Chuck Bodien, just to name a few.

I formed my own company in 1961 and went on to be
a Producer, packaging and producing 31 MISS
AMERICA PAGEANT SHOWS, while producing major
sports ebents from the USA, including Europe
and Japan.

To sum it up, IT'S BEEN A GREAT LIFE!

John K.