Friday, September 02, 2005


Dear John,

There isn't any criteria for membership in our esoteric menagerie. All that is required is a desire to be heard with stories that will fill in a chapter, page, line or just a thought relating to the history of our efforts in the broadcast industry.
For instance... I remember working on a colorcast of a play with the legendary Noel Coward. While some of the details now reside in the realm of folklore, they at least fill in a sophomoric image and cause me a moment of pleasure. It seems that the crew was always involved with some by-play or gag. The players were Al Diamond, Frank Harvey, nonpareil when it came to playing a buffoon; and Al Kozak, who couldn't make the sign-of-the-cross and keep a straight face.
The set-up was that Kozie' was to get into a mock fight with Al Diamond and while pretending to scuffle, Frank Harvey reaches under Big Al's jacket and yanks out the complete shirt and tie off the frame of Diamond. This caused much laughter but it didn't sit too well with you, and you bounced the three of them from the show in the blink of an eye. Later, you reconsidered and reinstated the ninnies and all was forgiven. I wonder, John, if you can recall that incident. It doesn't quite measure up to your impressive technical resume, but might add to your enjoyment as a member of the greatest assemblage of creative artisans that filled the void in the history of show-biz. In either case, I for one, am glad to reestablish contact with one of the points-of-light and a true pioneer of our industry. Stay in touch and fill the page with some of your wonderful background.
Tony Cucurullo