Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I wanted to write and comment on what a fascinating web site you have! I am not a CBS Retiree, and quite honestly, stumbled across your site while searching the internet for information about current and former NYC television studios.I have always been quite interested in the history of television. As I child, I can remember telling my parents that when I grew up, I wanted to be a television camera operator.Indeed, I did end up working in television production, and very early in my career, while doing some video freelancing, I was invited by a friend of mine to visit her on the set of the sitcom Kate & Allie, which was taping at The Ed Sullivan Theatre. While there, I became quite fascinated by the facility, even though at the time (early 80s), it had fallen into quite a state of disrepair. Of course, from the marquee, I knew the facility had hosted the Sullivan Show, but was even more amazed when I found out what an interesting history the place had. Ever since my visit, I have been interested not only in the former CBS Studio 50, but all of the Broadway theatres and other facilities that were converted to television facilities.I no longer do video freelancing. I moved to Scottsdale, Arizona in 1986 and now own an advertising agency. While not a member of your group, I would enjoy cooresponding with anyone who wanted to share stories, photos, etc. about "The Ed" or any of the other broadcast facilities in New York.
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Again, very interesting and informative web site!

J.R. Smith
Scottsdale, Arizona