Saturday, September 03, 2005

Hello from Television City in Hollywood.

I'm the un-official historian for TV City working out of the Video Tape Department.
No too long ago I saw a color photo on your web site that showed two RCA VTR's side by side with a loop of tape between them that created the "seven second" delay for live programs.
I looked for that picture today and am unable to find it. If possible we would like to get a copy of this photo to put on display in our photo gallery here. We have too many young wipper-snappers here who have no idea how things were done in the old days. While we did the same type of tape delay here, we have no photos.
And, if possible, we would enjoy talking to anyone who may have worked with the delay.
You guys have a great website!

Jim Hergenrather

Ed. Note: I've done a complete search of the website and cannot find such a picture.
I do recall seeing a seven second audio tape delay in TX, however, I don't think that this is what he means.