Saturday, September 17, 2005

Harry Remmers was one of our original supervisors at CBS/W. He came over from WTOP as described by Bob Camfiord in his thank you to the original group of techs that built the plant. Harry's work was his HOBBY. He loved it!
Two Harry stories:

1. TV coverage of the MARCH ON THE PENTAGON required a camera across the POTOMAC in ARLINGTON to catch the marchers coming over the bridge. How would you prepare to set up a camera powered up and fed back to 2020 in the 60's?
WRC (NBC) solution was send Mobile unit, find power, long power cable run, camera cable to reach camera on roof (250'), etc.

The Harry solution:

We had rack mounted camera control units. He told us to take 100' camera cable, 100' ac cable. On the roof we set up the camera and ccu. Whoa! Where was the power? Harry gave his little "heh, heh" laugh and pointed at the exit sign next to the door to the roof. He opened the access door to the fixture, removed the light bulb, and wonder of wonders produced an ac socket. Power up. Feed checked. Harry had even arranged to tie in the camera headset with the control room from the remote location via TELCO director to cameraman communication.

2. NFL setup on saturdays at RFK. Check in with 2020 for tape recording with George Allen, who was not known for his patience. All ready. Roll tape! Tape is rolling. After a couple of questions, all the monitors and the camera rolled. BYE-BYE George. Can' t stay, gotta go!

"What happened?", asked Bob Dailey of Joe Tier. Joe ruefully admitted that Harry was checking sync generators and had switched them not knowing that taping was going on the day before a game.
Bob was a decent man and figured out a solution for his next game in DC. He left the door to the switching area open after checking that tape was ready to record. He called Harry to the door and told him to put his hands on the side of the mobile unit. Harry complied. ROLL TAPE!! Bob called out in TRIUMPH Thus was human error reduced at CBS/W.

P.S. Harold Shutzman
Thanks buddy! Right back at you.
Frank Novack