Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Ed. Note:
Here is a local story... a bit lengthy, however, interesting!

This is the incident I referred to today on the 20 meter net. There were actually 16 (not 10) fire departments lending mutual aid. Lots of tower ladders from neighboring departments to get the water on top of the fire.THE CAUSE: A laborer employed by a contractor hired by the Village of New Hyde Park accidentally ruptured a gas main while replacing the sidewalk in front of the fire buildings. This was part of a beautification sidewalk refurbishment program. They were replacing the concrete slabs with brick work.Nuzzi Oil Co. has been at this location (for 60 years) since I was a kid. I used to play sand lot baseball with one of the Nuzzi kids when I was growing up. Unfortunately, they had several (empty) oil delivery trucks on premise when the fire broke out which added to the blaze.W2RII Harold's brother lives in NHP, which is the next village East of where we live in Floral Park. I had close relatives who lived there until a few years ago.The Venison dinner we attend each year is held at the New Hyde Park Inn. Paul, K2VBS had his wedding reception at that facility.This event was a major disaster for our neighboring village to the east. There are a lot of good folks who own those businesses that were destroyed in the blaze. We can't help but praise our volunteer firefighters who braved the fury of this conflagration to keep it from spreading to the residential area immediately behind the fire location. 3 hours of dedicated volunteer work with 2 injured firefighters. Thru the efforts of the NHPFD all animals were rescued from the NHP Animal Hospital which was totally involved.The reason I listened on 2 different scanners was because Nassau County Fire Com uses 3 different frequencies to dispatch units as well as allocates unit to unit Xmissions all on VHF (46.10 & 46.32 mhz) there is also an HT repeat function on UHF (450 mhz) which is simulcast on 46.32 mhz. That way I could hear dispatch and everything else going on at the same time (The 450 mhz HT link was by far the best way to keep abreast of the situation as it developed).It was obvious to me that the NC Fire Com dispatchers were overwhelmed by all the requests for mutual aid for ambulances, tower ladder trucks, engines, fast truck teams etc. (A Fast Truck team arrives at the site of the fire and is immediately pressed into service at the scene, their job is to relieve those firefighters who are in the affected buildings and are doing the work of trying to extinguish the fire)I really love to hear what's happening now when it comes to live events. I spent 28 years working for WCBS News Radio 88 & CBS-TV News and 4 years prior to that chasing fire engines in a WAPC mobile truck when I was News Director (and Chief Engineer) for WAPC in Riverhead, Long Island, NY.This account is much too involved for any net transmission. Just thought you might like it if I shared it.

C U on the radio!
73 de Bob W2BOB
Bob Maickel