Wednesday, August 31, 2005

To all of you who have expressed interest in the whereabouts of the legendary Mr. Gregory, I can say that he is doing well and enjoying the good life in Erving, Massachusetts along with his lovely wife Carol. He is also keeping busy acting as a guide at an historic site called Deerfield (a kind of Williamsburg of the Northeast). The guy never quits. I've only seen Kim once since he left the Washington Bureau many moons ago. This was on a Sunday about two years ago when he popped into the newsroom in Wash. He was about the same as I remembered him from his last days at CBS. OK, maybe a little grayer, a little balder. Those who know him well know his was still there. On a more personal note, I'm proud to say that that Kim and Carol are the Godparents of two of my in their 40's...time does march on. For those wanting to contact the old Greek, his e-mail address Regarding Frank Novack's classic story, it reminds me of how much I miss the wonderful guys I had the pleasure to work with during the 60's and70's. When we moved the Washington Bureau from WTOP to 2020 M Street in April 1964. All our techs were essentially a mix of WTOP and New York transfers such as Jack Lange, Emil Lamendola, Jim Duffy, Frank Novack, Jim Hargreaves, Bob Johnson, Royce Fish and Emil Franks to name just a few. Our bureau chief, Bill Small, consulted with me on the guys from WTOP, but I didn't know a soul from New York. As I recall, Sid Kaufman headed up operations initially. At any rate, it was a great group and this is one director who wants to express his thanks and admiration to the people who make things tick and on more than one occasion saved the ass of a director or producer. In closing, I'd like to pay tribute to one man in particular...Joe Tier, a man many of you knew. I truly loved this guy as a person, coworker and friend. He was my EIC in 1969 when CBS decided to co-anchor the "Morning News" out of New York and Washington. Without Joe, it wouldn't have have worked as smoothly as it did. His transfer back to New York was certainly your gain and our loss. Now that he's gone, I still have my memories.

Bob Camfiord