Sunday, August 28, 2005

A Kim Gregory Story

Kim aspired to be the announcer for voiceover NFL openings out of CBS/W. Problem was he had to announce audio in Radio which ended one minute before TV coverage started. Radio facilities were on the 2nd floor. TV was onthe 1st floor. Kim timed the race to the elevator and the trip DOWN. After much practise, he deemed himself ready.
Radio signoff.
Race down hall to elevator.
Press DOWN button.
TV control room "...where's the announcer? "
New York screaming."seconds to go!"
No Kim
CBS/W had a third floor storage area.
You guessed it .The elevator went UP!!!
KIM went on to have a rewarding and successful career.
Bob Camfiord ( A GOOD GUY DIRECTOR) as was Bob Vitarelli worked directly with Kim and may have further info. I left CBS/W in 1970, still under suspicion of lurking on our third floor repository that fateful day.
GOD bless!
Frank Novack