Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Hi Tony,

Good to hear from you!
Of course,the guy who -really- knows the history of Sound Effects is
Bill Brown. I haven't talked with Bill for a quite a while. I used to
call him periodically, just to chat a bit, but for the longest time, no
one ever answered the phone.
Eventually, I called on a day that his granddaughter was at his
apartment here in the city, and she told me that Bill was in a nursing
home. Bill's wife, Helen, had been in a nursing home for quite a
while, and Bill would travel to it every day, to spend time with her.
She was having a lot of trouble with her eyes, and she may have pretty
much lost all her vision. I don't know how Bill is doing, but I did
ask his granddaughter to tell him that we here were all thinking about
The Sound Effects department essentially no longer exists, and the area
is now part of Viacom Video Services. We have several
audio workstations where audio editing and fixing is done for
international clients. A lot of the work involves placing foreign
language audio tracks on to existing movies and TV shows.
Some of the shows are "Happy Days" and "Cheers"..
(yes.. those were not CBS shows).. but some are new, like CSI.
I'm still working, but as a freelancer... and often five days a week.
Eventually, of course, I'll pack it in, but for now I'll keep working!
Ray Sills