Wednesday, August 31, 2005

To all of you who have expressed interest in the whereabouts of the legendary Mr. Gregory, I can say that he is doing well and enjoying the good life in Erving, Massachusetts along with his lovely wife Carol. He is also keeping busy acting as a guide at an historic site called Deerfield (a kind of Williamsburg of the Northeast). The guy never quits. I've only seen Kim once since he left the Washington Bureau many moons ago. This was on a Sunday about two years ago when he popped into the newsroom in Wash. He was about the same as I remembered him from his last days at CBS. OK, maybe a little grayer, a little balder. Those who know him well know his was still there. On a more personal note, I'm proud to say that that Kim and Carol are the Godparents of two of my in their 40's...time does march on. For those wanting to contact the old Greek, his e-mail address Regarding Frank Novack's classic story, it reminds me of how much I miss the wonderful guys I had the pleasure to work with during the 60's and70's. When we moved the Washington Bureau from WTOP to 2020 M Street in April 1964. All our techs were essentially a mix of WTOP and New York transfers such as Jack Lange, Emil Lamendola, Jim Duffy, Frank Novack, Jim Hargreaves, Bob Johnson, Royce Fish and Emil Franks to name just a few. Our bureau chief, Bill Small, consulted with me on the guys from WTOP, but I didn't know a soul from New York. As I recall, Sid Kaufman headed up operations initially. At any rate, it was a great group and this is one director who wants to express his thanks and admiration to the people who make things tick and on more than one occasion saved the ass of a director or producer. In closing, I'd like to pay tribute to one man in particular...Joe Tier, a man many of you knew. I truly loved this guy as a person, coworker and friend. He was my EIC in 1969 when CBS decided to co-anchor the "Morning News" out of New York and Washington. Without Joe, it wouldn't have have worked as smoothly as it did. His transfer back to New York was certainly your gain and our loss. Now that he's gone, I still have my memories.

Bob Camfiord

New Search Capability!

I have added a Google search box to our Home Page. This will give you added functionality in doing searches on our website. Since this is a free service, offered by Google, we will have to put up with seeing a few ads!
I think it is worth the tradeoff. Another reason for this addition is that the previous Pico Search engine only allows a certain number of web pages to be indexed, and we have exceeded that limit. In order for it to index our complete website, we would have to pay a yearly fee. I think the switch to Google is a better way to go. If anyone has objections to this, please let me know.


Tuesday, August 30, 2005

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While slightly off-topic, it is still of interest

NBC Chime Machine:

In the early days of NBC, the announcer on a particular program would read off the callsigns of the stations carrying the program. This got too cumbersome, so it was decided to create a sound effect to alert the stations as to when to ID themselves. Several employees of NBC came up with the idea of using a set of dinner chimes to serve as a coordinating signal. Originally the chimes were rung manually by the announcer, who would do this after saying "This program has reached you from the New York studios of the National Broadcasting Company". The chime sequence was originally 7 notes, but after awhile it was reduced to the soon-to-be-familiar 3 notes G-E-C(the story that GEC referred to General Electric is an urban legend I believe). The manual ringing of the chimes became inadequate after a few years though, and NBC asked a Captain Ranger, the inventor of the electric organ, to develop an electromechanical device that would play the chimes in a consistant manner. The device was developed and installed at all of NBC's facilities in NY, Chicago and the coast. I understand that the original chime machine is on display at the NBC studio tours at 30 Rock.

NBC Chime Machine
After serving as a radio director for WCBS in 1954 (Music 'Til Dawn, John Henry Faulk, Bill Leonard, Galen Drake, Lanny Ross et al) I became TV director for the Smith, Kline & French mobile color TV unit in Philadelphia -- using the field-sequential color system created by Peter Goldmark of CBS Labs. More info on this can be found at:


John K. Mackenzie
People are always wondering what happened to this guy. Now you know.

NY Times paid obits

JACKSON, Jay. Of Jupiter, FL, formerly of Manhasset, NY. Died August 16 at 86. He moved to NY when television was in its infancy and hosted many of TV's early drama and quiz shows including Philco Television Playhouse, Lux Video Theater, Twenty Questions and Tic Tac Dough.He narrated newsreels, documentaries and feature films. ''Crashing the Water Barrier'', a 1956 documentary won the Oscar for Best Short Subject. In the mid-1950's he started ''Christmas for Kids'' a non-profit organization. In 1961 The Association for the Help of Retarded Children gave Jackson its Humanitarian Award. A guest appearance on ''The Honeymooners'' in 1956 brought him repeated visibility, and a clip from that show was part of a 2003 ''Sopranos'' episode. Jay Jackson is survived by his son, Jay Stephen and his wife Molly Wigand and four grandsons Steve, John, Joey, and Danny, and by his daughter Sally and her husband Paul F. Nace. He is also survived by his brother Dr. William T. Jackson and his sisters Opal Brown and Grace Knoder. He was predeceased by his wife of 54 years, Ann (Rodgers) in 1995. Donations in his memory can be made to the Louis Armstrong House Museum, 34-56 107th Street, Corona, NY 11368.

Submitted by Dave Schwartz
Hi Dave,

One year the field crew did five Ivy League football games.
I think one was at Colgate University. We flew up in an
Allegheny DC-3 charter so Kim Gregory ( he worked in
Air Control then) could come along. When we landed at a small
airport, a school marching band came out to greet us.
It seems that Kim Gregory's nephew was a student at the
college and was in the band.

Hello to Frank Novack

Harold Schutzman

Monday, August 29, 2005

2005 Hilton Head Area CBS Retirees Party

OK, we've got a definite date. Saturday October 15th at 5 PM, at my place. If any of you know anyone else in the area that is visiting, or living here, please invite him or her. See you then.

Jorge Moran

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Luncheon Heads Up!

Keep October 19th open for our next luncheon, which will be held at the Crown Plaza Hotel (formerly the Radisson) in NJ.
Ted Perzeszty and Tony Casola have done the legwork, and plans are firming up nicely. Keep an eye out for further updates.
A Tony Cucurullo Update
The good news is that the lab tests showed NO malignancy!
Tony is undergoing Physical Therapy, and should be homeward bound in a few more days. We can all breathe a sigh of relief, especially Paula.
Sad News
Received from Goody Freed:
Sara -my wife finally went to a better place --she passed away two days ago after a long cancer fight -- life goes on.
stay well,
Tony Ancona
A Kim Gregory Story

Kim aspired to be the announcer for voiceover NFL openings out of CBS/W. Problem was he had to announce audio in Radio which ended one minute before TV coverage started. Radio facilities were on the 2nd floor. TV was onthe 1st floor. Kim timed the race to the elevator and the trip DOWN. After much practise, he deemed himself ready.
Radio signoff.
Race down hall to elevator.
Press DOWN button.
TV control room "...where's the announcer? "
New York screaming."seconds to go!"
No Kim
CBS/W had a third floor storage area.
You guessed it .The elevator went UP!!!
KIM went on to have a rewarding and successful career.
Bob Camfiord ( A GOOD GUY DIRECTOR) as was Bob Vitarelli worked directly with Kim and may have further info. I left CBS/W in 1970, still under suspicion of lurking on our third floor repository that fateful day.
GOD bless!
Frank Novack

If you ever get any info on Kim Gregory or Ken Davis I'd appreciate a note. They both worked at Vanderbilt, here in NYC, and then left for WTOP and I lost track of them.

John MacKenzie
I am happy to report that last week, my wife and I were in Great Barrington,MA, picking up our daughter from camp, when we called George Smith, who lives about 1/2 hour's drive away, and invited him out for dinner. George had just undergone total knee replacement surgery, and is recuperating remarkably well. So well, in fact, that he is planning to purchase a new motor scooter! Not bad for an 84 year-old retiree! George sends his regards to all.
Wondering if you might be able to post a request for any CBS engineer who may have worked on kinescope recording for the Red Skelton Hour(late 1960's). Trying to determine if CBS ever used any process whereby 16mm B&W kinescopes were created of this and other CBS shows such that they could later be reproduced in color using a color telecine and special filter attachment.There is some debate on this between some colleagues and myself (motion picture colorists) and our only hope is that there is a CBS engineer, or technician, still around who was involved with the process.If they can email me directly, that would be acceptable.<>
Thanks for your help,

George Odell

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Latest update on Tony C.:

He succesfully underwent surgery, and is currently awaiting test results.
He may still be in intensive care, so he cannot be contacted directly.
This is good news, however, the best news will be a clean report from the lab. We anxiously await his return home, and his continuation of glib comments here on the website!
Regarding Dave's post of August 3, I believe the unidentified CBS Newsman is David Schumacher who was one of our correspondents based with the Washington bureau during the late 60's and 70's. If my memory serves me right, he left CBS to become an anchor with the local ABC affiliate, WMAL. Some of you might also recall Rene Pousant (spelling?}. who also joined the staff of WMAL. Both were talented and genuinely nice people.

Bob Camfiord

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Please remember dear friend and frequent contributor to this page - Tony Cucurullo.

Tony will be undergoing surgery for colon cancer on August 23rd. He will be going through a batch of tests this week. I think he would appreciate hearing from his old CBS comrades sometime after August 19th, (after the tests) by phone or email. He will be admitted to the hospital on August 22nd, surgery to take place the next day.

His email is , his phone is 757-875-1558

Friday, August 12, 2005

Last week, Frank LaFroscia left us --he worked at WPIX since 1950 as a cameraman from the black & white days.
Great guy & friend-- 81 yrs old --

Tony Ancona

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

A contact of mine at CBS New York was able to access the old 1951-1952 logs and was able to fill in some studio locations.

G.E. Guest House studio 58 (Town Theater)

Guess Again studio 59 (Mansfield)

The Ad-Libbers studio 60

Who’s Whose studio 59 (only ran once)

Balance Your Budget studio 51

Battle of the Ages studio 62

Break the Bank (1952) studio 60

Draw to Win studio 60

There’s One in Every family (daytime) Studio 62

Who’s There studio 51

Your Surprise Store studio 51 (Maxine Elliot)

That leaves only 7 or 8 CBS game shows to be placed in studios locations.

Dave Schwartz

Monday, August 08, 2005

More sad news:
I was just informed that John McManus passed away on Sunday, August 7th. There will be a memorial in Florida and New York. As soon as I receive the particulars from his daughter, I will post them.
Another sad moment as a star of industry is diminished. The passing of Art Jensen, as reported by his wife Therese Jensen, leaves us with another void that will be hard to fill. Art was a fair and professional administrator. A very decent man, which is very difficult to be thought of when one has the responsibility to make assignments that effect the income of those he worked with.
I didn't know very much about his background, except that there are many people that respect him highly. I hope more of his coworkers come forward to share those salient points of light that illuminated his career.
Your memories of him are his legacy. They belong to his family. Please share some with them and his CBS family.
Tony Cucurullo

Friday, August 05, 2005


Received a phone call from Therese Jensen, that Art Jensen passed away August 2nd.

Tony Casola

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Dear Dave,

I just heard about Bobby Chin. I worked closely with him in field when he did slow mo.....he was a nice guy who helped me get started in the field as a Chyron operator.

Lee Levy
Hi Tony,

Good to hear from you!
Of course,the guy who -really- knows the history of Sound Effects is
Bill Brown. I haven't talked with Bill for a quite a while. I used to
call him periodically, just to chat a bit, but for the longest time, no
one ever answered the phone.
Eventually, I called on a day that his granddaughter was at his
apartment here in the city, and she told me that Bill was in a nursing
home. Bill's wife, Helen, had been in a nursing home for quite a
while, and Bill would travel to it every day, to spend time with her.
She was having a lot of trouble with her eyes, and she may have pretty
much lost all her vision. I don't know how Bill is doing, but I did
ask his granddaughter to tell him that we here were all thinking about
The Sound Effects department essentially no longer exists, and the area
is now part of Viacom Video Services. We have several
audio workstations where audio editing and fixing is done for
international clients. A lot of the work involves placing foreign
language audio tracks on to existing movies and TV shows.
Some of the shows are "Happy Days" and "Cheers"..
(yes.. those were not CBS shows).. but some are new, like CSI.
I'm still working, but as a freelancer... and often five days a week.
Eventually, of course, I'll pack it in, but for now I'll keep working!
Ray Sills
It is with deep regret and sadness that the family of Charles Chin, announces the passing of their father, Hong Chong (Bobby) Chin. The wake and funeral will be held at:
Wah Wing Sang Funeral Home
26 Mulbury St.
(212) 962-0273
Wake: Sunday, August 7th, 3pm-7pm
Wake: Monday, August 8th, 10am to 12:30pm
(Funeral Procession to Chatham, NJ at 12:30pm)
If you wish, in lieu of flowers,
you can make a donation in his name to:
The American Heart Association
The American Legion
Memorial Post 1291
191-193 Canal Street
New York, NY 10013
He will be buried next to our mother at the Fairmont Cemetery in Chatham, NJ. Again, we all acknowledge your thoughts, prayers and warm wishes. Thank you.
Robert, Charles, David, Roy and Esther Chin
George Smith has just completed Total Knee Replacement surgery, and is recuperating at the Barnwell Nursing Home in Valatie, near Albany, NY. He is doing well. He has his laptop with him, and can be reached at I'm sure he would like to hear from you!

We need help in trying to identify this CBS news reporter.
He could be from anywhere in the U.S. All we know is that he appeared in a documentary, but was unaccredited. If you have any information - an educated guess might be helpful - please contact the Webmaster. Thanks!