Saturday, July 30, 2005

I'm writing because my husband, Joel Aronowitz, just saw this page and knew I would be interested in it. I certainly was! You see, I was the P. A. on The Secret Storm, and remember many of the guys in your photos. However, I need to correct 2 small items.
I knew Bob Myhrum - and the correct spelling of his name. He was the main director on Secret Storm. Unfortunately, he died about 5 years ago. And since I started working at CBS (on Captain Kangaroo) in 1967, and didn't start working on Secret Storm until around 1970, and I remember the shirt he was wearing, and many other guys who looked exactly like their photos - except perhaps Dave Payne - who looked even better in that picture than he did in person, if that's possible.
There were a lot of guys who helped me along the way, especially on Storm.
Just to mention a few: Tony Ancona, Dave Payne, Elliot Gordon, John Kemp,
"Snooks" O'Brien, Dick Ouderkirk, Charles Grenier, Bill Greenfield, Andre St. Laurent, Hal Schutzman, and many, many more.
It might seem a bit strange that I speak of Joel Aronowitz as my husband.
I first met Joel as his replacement A.D. on The Edge of Night. back in 1973 when the show was still broadcast live.
In 1975 CBS transferred me to CBS-TV in Los Angeles. And by 1980, I was one of the directors on Days of Our Lives (that station shall remain unnamed).
And now, just to bring anyone who's interested up to date, Joel and I were reacquainted when he came out to do the Rose Bowl Parade in 2002.
His wife of 38 years, Linda, had died the previous September. And the rest is history.
We are now both retired, living in Los Angeles, and are so thankful for each and every day --- as well as the fond memories we share of CBS.
I might even have a photo or two that might interest you.
Joel loves coming to this site and keeping up with our past.
So, from both of us, thank you very much.
Susan Orlikoff (the name I had while in N. Y. Susan Orlikoff Simon, when I first got married; and Susan Orlikoff Simon, even though I'm married to Joel Aronowitz.
You see, even though my first marriage didn't work out - I liked my initials (SOS).