Thursday, June 09, 2005


History buffs mark your calendars! A special commemorative FM broadcast Saturday, June 11, at noon EDT will mark the 70th anniversary of Maj. Edwin H. Armstrong's first public demonstration of wideband frequency modulation (FM). The broadcast will emanate from Armstrong's 400-foot-tall experimental tower in Alpine, New Jersey, overlooking the Hudson River. An area landmark that also served several New York City broadcasters in the wake of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks that destroyed the World Trade Center. The gigantic structure now is owned by CSC Management Inc, headed by Charles Sackerman Jr. He and Steve Hemphill, WA3ZAE, owner of Solid Electronics Laboratories--a Pennsylvania broadcast equipment manufacturer--have secured a Special Temporary Authority (STA) from the FCC to conduct the FM broadcast on Armstrong's original frequency of 42.8 MHz at a power of 250 W ERP. They'll use the experimental/STA call sign WA2XMN, reminiscent of Armstrong's W2XMN call sign. For those lacking an FM radio that can tune to 42.8 MHz, the broadcast will be simulcast via WFDU(FM) 89.1 MHz.

Thanks to Bob Maickel