Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Some questions from Dave Schwartz:

In the spring of 1953, ABC had several game shows on Thursday night.
8pm The Greatest Man on Earth with Ted Brown & Vera Vague 12/3/52-2/19/53 origination: ?
8:30 Chance of a Lifetime with Dennis James 5/52-8/53 origination: Elysee Theater
10:30pm Personality Puzzle with Robert Alda 3/19/53-6/25/53 origination: ?
alternating with Quick as a Flash with Bobby Sherwood 3/12/53-2/54 origination: ?
Elysee Theater was at 202 West 58th Street
Ritz Theater was at 219 West 48th Street
Little Theater was at 234 West 44th Street
The question is where did Personality Puzzle, Quick as A Flash and Greatest Man broadcast from? So far, tickets and kinescopes of these shows have eluded us. Since Puzzle and Quick alternated, they probably came from the same location and Greatest Man went off the air before the other two came on so again it might have been the same theater.

Ed. Note: If you have any information, email me. Thanks!