Monday, May 23, 2005

To all CBS retirees:

I have created a list of CBS people that served in the military at some time. I try to have it posted twice a year, in the month of May in time for Memorial Day, and in November in time for Veteran's Day, Nov 11th.
There isn't any other purpose for this list except to keep in our hearts all the men and woman that served our country and to show that CBS had it's share of participants.
This doesn't imply that only these people should be honored. I have the greatest respect for all those that posess a patriotic spirit and did whatever they could to behave as Americans and support the efforts of those that did serve.
If you served, or know of someone that did serve, please let us know about that person and we will include their name in our Honor Roll. Please take pride in knowing that those people you worked with at CBS did indeed sacrifice some time in their lives to the defense of our nation.
God Bless them, and you, for your efforts.

Thank you,
Tony Cucurullo