Sunday, May 29, 2005

Just received this from Tony Cucurullo

Hi Tony,

I just joined the 21st century... I found the internet.
I was going thru the CBS pages & stopped on the
A shock on some, some I knew about.
Freddy Schutz.. I knew Fred from working with him in maintainance
at the U.N. & then the many years at CBS. An old freind.

Al Sabin. Marty Solomon & I made TD on the same day, then Al refused it.

Carl Paulson (I think he also came from the UN) He was a long time
member of our Ham net.

Chico was everybody's friend.

Joe Tier,Don McGraw & Lew Scanna ( also passed away) were old

We are all getting old & it is expected...

Harold Schutzman