Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Another successful luncheon!

Today saw a wonderful gathering of comrades for a tasty lunch, interesting dialogue, and beautiful flora!
I will be posting many pictures to the website, as soon as I receive some from those that promised to send them to me! Between my pictures of the gang, and my Wife and my pictures of the gardens, we should have an interesting album!

It was good to see the familiar faces, as well as two new attendees... Art Smyles and his wife!
We were all glad to see that our 93 year young compatriot, Dwight Temple, has recuperated well, and had a big smile for the group!

Our numbers have dwindled a bit, and it would behoove us to infuse some new "blood" into the gathering. Surely there are a few of us who still have contact with current employees, and it would be in our interest to invite them to attend. Remind them that they can still be an active employee, and attend!
I can remember back when I started attending the luncheons, even though I was actively working, and when people would ask me if I had retired, I would say, "No, but I'm window shopping!"
Tell them that this would be an ideal way for them to squelch any incorrect rumors about them that we've been passing around!

As soon as I get an accurate listing of those who attended, I will post it in the album, as I have done in the past.
And for those who wanted my email address, you can send email to either "Webmaster at", or
"Dave at"