Friday, April 08, 2005

Once again the year has come and gone with its inherent life altering events. Two-oh-oh-four wasn't any different with several exceptions being prominent and newsworthy.
Bruno Fucci reached the splendid senior milestone of eighty-years, not young, for Bruno was born old! Other giant technicians wandered off this mortal plane for a higher calling, or maybe they heard there was overtime pay on the other side of existence.
Capt. Kangaroo went to prepare the way for those children that found a better place to be in. Others of our dear friends and former associates have decided to leave us here and take up residences with all the other souls habituating that pantheon of the "Great and wonderful."
Les Moonves took the mantle away from Mel Karmazin and is hoping to run the "Marathon of Finance" in record time. Lets just hope he doesnt run it down any further than it is...
So, as you can see, CBS is still functioning, albeit with less fanfare and stars, as it once did. Come to the luncheon and fill your hearts with the memories of the past and get the low-down on the new news that is being plied there now.
Come and notice whose belly is potted... more so; or whose hair is thinner than it once was, including the new color that now adorns "top-of the domes" of prominence-past.
See Tony Casola's directions..., AND COME!

Tony Cucurullo