Monday, April 18, 2005

Dear Tony,

It was so good getting a message from the East Coast again. I haven't heard much since Les Burkhardt was doing the communicating from Florida. I'm probably not very well known among the current survivors. I started with CBS in 1955 with the Film Department of WCBS-TV, worked as an AD in the old PC room 31 and ended up as a technician in Videotape from about 1969 to late1975, when I transferred to the West Coast in Videotape at TV City. I retired from CBS in 1991 and moved down to Carlsbad, about 100 miles south of LA.
I did have a lot of old friends back in New York and wish them all the best and think of them often. Over the years, many of my old close associates have passed away, but there are many good memories, especially from the days, working with Irv Rosenberg and Murray Goldstein's film editors, the staff in Hal Meier, Ira Schackman and Dean Moore's Network Operations in the newly automated PC Rooms, and, of course, Videotape.
I'm still hanging in here and enjoying life as a retiree, remembering it will be 50 years this July since I started with the WCBS-TV Film Department under Bill Lacey, the Film Manager.
Please pass on my sincere good wishes to those who might remember.
Warmest regards,

Jerry Colet
2051 Cima Court
Rancho La Costa, CA
(760) 944-5650