Monday, April 25, 2005

Dear Dave,

I don't have all the information on my ex, Scotty Ethier, as I currently live in Michigan.
Scotty died last month, sometime around the middle of March. I just found out on Friday, tipped off by Social Security. I contacted my attorney back in NJ to find out what was going on. Scotty was apparently buried just today, in the town of Passaic. I don't know the cause of death. Scotty would have been 70 yrs old in May.
He had recently been in a boarding house in Pompton Lakes NJ, and was in Wayne General sometime in March. Wish I knew more, but will keep you posted with what info I am able to obtain.The actual funeral may have been held up due to someone applying for VA benefits to cover the funeral. That may explain as to why the delay.
He is survived by his 8 yr. old autistic son, Rhett, and two other grown children from other marriages, Renee and Bill.

Please post to the site, for I am sure no one had heard of Scotty's passing.

Thank you,
Janine Fisher-Ethier