Saturday, April 30, 2005


I was very saddened to hear of the passing of Scotty Ethier... Scotty and I worked alot of remotes together for well over 20 years... He was always fun to be around... He was the driving partner of Walt Soucy for many years...
He was my cable assistant for many Football and Basketball games as well as many Golf Tournaments...After a hard day at the remote we would have nice cup of coffee together back at the hotel and share many laughs...
He was a good friend.

George Rothweiler

Friday, April 29, 2005

Dear Dave,

I have received some more information on Scotty Ethier. He died in mid March, from bladder cancer. He was just recently buried, because no next of kin or directives were available. He was buried in William C Doyle Cemetery somewhere near Wrightstown NJ. It is a National Veterans cemetery.
Thank you Walt and Tony, for all your support and kind words. You still are the best bunch of gentlemen around that I know. I promise to keep in touch or fill in any missing blanks any of you may have. May Scotty finally rest in peace.

Janine Fisher-Ethier
Good news:- I'm happy to report that Dwight Temple's condition has improved. He will be discharged from St. Francis Hospital on Monday, May 2nd. He will be returning to his home in Long Beach where he will have private nursing care. I will keep you posted as things progress.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Hi Dave,

Here is a copy of an obit that I picked up on in the newspapers quite by accident.

Les Burkhardt

Andrew Vedoc MONTVILLE Published on 04/17/2005.

Andrew "Uncle Andy" Vedoc died Tuesday, April 12, 2005, at St. Clare's Hospital/Denville. He was 91.
Born in the Wilkes Barre area of Pennsylvania, he attended local schools, before moving to New York City during the 1930s.
He was married to his beloved wife, Genia, in 1941, and they resided in Garfield and Montville for nearly 60 years.
During the Depression years of the 1930s, he worked at the Brass Rail in Manhattan, and attended the Stinson School of Aviation on Long Island, where he studied to be an aviation mechanic.
Between 1942 and 1946, Mr. Vedoc was a member of our country's "Greatest Generation", serving with the Army during World War II.
He was stationed in the Pacific and served as a military policeman and automotive mechanic on the islands of Ie Shima and Okinawa during the final critical campaign of April 1945 against Japan.
He attained the rank of staff sergeant and returned to Garfield in 1946.
Following the mechanical work he did in the service, Mr. Vedoc attended the United Radio and Television Institute in Newark.
Graduating as a television technician, he began his long career in television work. He worked in television and radar systems development with Dumont Television and Curtiss Wright in Paterson, and then became a senior video technician for CBS in Manhattan, where he worked for nearly 30 years.
He was a member of Local 1212 of the IBEW, Radio and Television Broadcast Engineers.
He built and tested broadcast equipment for CBS's studios and remote systems, and installed cameras at many conventions and sporting events.
In 1956, Andy designed and built his own home in Montville, which was his pride and joy.
He loved Genia, his entire family, his home, and his gardening.
He was particularly gregarious, and generous to his family.
After retiring from CBS in 1981, Mr. Vedoc returned to live out his years in Montville, and enjoyed the company of family and neighbors whom he kept supplied with exceptional home-grown tomatoes for over 40 consecutive seasons.
His dear wife, Genevieve, died in 1999.
His brother in law, Stanley Jaworski, died in 1998, and his mother, Mary Krajewski, died in 1991.
He is survived by his sister-in-law, Mary Jaworski of Toms River; his nephews, Peter Jaworski of Oceanport, Brigadier General Stanley Jaworski Jr. of Annville, Pa.; and his cousin, James Klubek of Wyoming, Pa.
He leaves a large number of nieces, nephews, and cousins, grandnieces, a grandnephew, a great-grandniece, and a great-grand nephew.
He will always be "Uncle Andy" and he will be greatly missed.
Arrangements by Laskowsi Funeral Home, Union.
An update on Dwight Temple:
I talked to Barbara (Dwight’s daughter) tonight and was informed that, after observation, it was determined that Dwight’s heart is in very bad shape, therefore the necessary procedure to take care of an Aortic aneurism is impossible at his age (91). He is being sent home with hospice care. I will try to keep you posted on future details.
Dear Dave,

I don't have all the information on my ex, Scotty Ethier, as I currently live in Michigan.
Scotty died last month, sometime around the middle of March. I just found out on Friday, tipped off by Social Security. I contacted my attorney back in NJ to find out what was going on. Scotty was apparently buried just today, in the town of Passaic. I don't know the cause of death. Scotty would have been 70 yrs old in May.
He had recently been in a boarding house in Pompton Lakes NJ, and was in Wayne General sometime in March. Wish I knew more, but will keep you posted with what info I am able to obtain.The actual funeral may have been held up due to someone applying for VA benefits to cover the funeral. That may explain as to why the delay.
He is survived by his 8 yr. old autistic son, Rhett, and two other grown children from other marriages, Renee and Bill.

Please post to the site, for I am sure no one had heard of Scotty's passing.

Thank you,
Janine Fisher-Ethier

Friday, April 22, 2005

John Taddei received a phone call from Dwight Temple's daughter Barbara, the evening of April 21st, informing him that Dwight is in St. Francis Hospital in Roslyn, L.I., NY where he is being treated for an aortic aneurism. Dwight is in good spirits. No other info available as yet.

Bob Maickel

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Even for Houdini, There's No Escape
Contaminated by L.A. fire, museums of broadcasting and magic are sealed tight.
Here is a link to a New York Times article that may be of interest to our users, courtesy of Dave Schwartz. Click Here ___>Article

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Sad News
Received a phone call from his son that Mike Salgo passed away In December, 2004.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Dear Tony,

It was so good getting a message from the East Coast again. I haven't heard much since Les Burkhardt was doing the communicating from Florida. I'm probably not very well known among the current survivors. I started with CBS in 1955 with the Film Department of WCBS-TV, worked as an AD in the old PC room 31 and ended up as a technician in Videotape from about 1969 to late1975, when I transferred to the West Coast in Videotape at TV City. I retired from CBS in 1991 and moved down to Carlsbad, about 100 miles south of LA.
I did have a lot of old friends back in New York and wish them all the best and think of them often. Over the years, many of my old close associates have passed away, but there are many good memories, especially from the days, working with Irv Rosenberg and Murray Goldstein's film editors, the staff in Hal Meier, Ira Schackman and Dean Moore's Network Operations in the newly automated PC Rooms, and, of course, Videotape.
I'm still hanging in here and enjoying life as a retiree, remembering it will be 50 years this July since I started with the WCBS-TV Film Department under Bill Lacey, the Film Manager.
Please pass on my sincere good wishes to those who might remember.
Warmest regards,

Jerry Colet
2051 Cima Court
Rancho La Costa, CA
(760) 944-5650

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Our Newsletter has finally arrived, and is awaiting your perusal! Click here ___>May 2005 Newsletter

Sunday, April 10, 2005

I've been informed by Ray Sills (who is still working at the CBS button factory in audio sweetening) that Weldon Jackson passed away this past week. Funeral services were held on April 6th.Weldon was a technician at WCBS-FM for many years, handling the on air duties on the morning drive show which featured Harry Harrison. In the 1980's Weldon transferred to TV Studio Show Crews, did a short stint as a member of the Sound Effects dept., assigned to the Guiding Light soap opera, and then returned to Show Crews as the RF Mic tech/audio assist, on the studio floor of the CBS Morning News. He also served in the same capacity for CBS Sports coverage of the Winter Olympics in 1992, 1994 and 1998. He was on location at the Lillihammer, Norway, Olympics remote in 1994.We all enjoyed working with Weldon. He dedicated himself to doing his job to the best of his ability and was liked by everyone who worked with him. Weldon was the Son in Law of CBS Tech Vern Serflus and Weldon's son was a staff member of CBS Security at the Broadcast Center.We shall miss Weldon. May he rest in peace.Sincerely,Bob Maickel

Ed. Note: This was just received.

Friday, April 08, 2005


Information regarding the May 11th. Swan Club luncheon will soon be posted!
Keep the date open and come join your friends (and their spouses) for fine food and reminiscing!
Once again the year has come and gone with its inherent life altering events. Two-oh-oh-four wasn't any different with several exceptions being prominent and newsworthy.
Bruno Fucci reached the splendid senior milestone of eighty-years, not young, for Bruno was born old! Other giant technicians wandered off this mortal plane for a higher calling, or maybe they heard there was overtime pay on the other side of existence.
Capt. Kangaroo went to prepare the way for those children that found a better place to be in. Others of our dear friends and former associates have decided to leave us here and take up residences with all the other souls habituating that pantheon of the "Great and wonderful."
Les Moonves took the mantle away from Mel Karmazin and is hoping to run the "Marathon of Finance" in record time. Lets just hope he doesnt run it down any further than it is...
So, as you can see, CBS is still functioning, albeit with less fanfare and stars, as it once did. Come to the luncheon and fill your hearts with the memories of the past and get the low-down on the new news that is being plied there now.
Come and notice whose belly is potted... more so; or whose hair is thinner than it once was, including the new color that now adorns "top-of the domes" of prominence-past.
See Tony Casola's directions..., AND COME!

Tony Cucurullo

Monday, April 04, 2005

Keefe Brasselle

Although he didn't work at CBS per se, He Produced and Directed the Summer replacement for The Garry Moore Show in the summer of 1963, which was called the Keffe Brasselle Show. I was the VT Editor and I must say it was an interesting 13 weeks. You'll notice the absence of any mention of that show in the Obit. But in my humble opinion he deserves mention for the other people who worked that show that might still be around... Click here for the Brasselle Obit
Harry Charles

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Does any one know where Joe Cook is..? He was quite a character...

Harold Deppe

Friday, April 01, 2005


I just noticed the query regarding Harry Kramer, in the years I worked in studio 43 (1956-1961), Harry would come in for the opening of "The Early Show". As most of us know, studio 43 was in the Grand Central building. Harry lived in either Westchester or Connecticut. He actually had the train held until he finished his announcement by prior agreement with railroad officials and also the elevator operator had the elevator stopped at the floor waiting for Harry. This was not an occasional happening, it was very frequent!! I think it was a 5:03 or something close to that, but without that arrangement he never would have made it ---you could not believe how fast he ran!

Bob Vernum
Does any remember if Bud Morgan is still around?

Bob Vernum