Tuesday, March 29, 2005

My friend Jim Cox is writing a book on the TV soaps of the 50's and came up with this question. I am not even sure what years Harry was on staff at CBS. Do any of you know?

To: David Schwartz
Subject: Harry Kramer

I just thought of something I surely need help on. Perhaps you can verify. I have some of Harry Kramer's radio accomplishments, and know he was the announcer for The Edge of Night from 1958-72. Not sure why he seemingly abruptly departed there (do you know?). Was it time to retire or did he die?
At any rate, two hours later he was before the CBS microphone again saying: "Direct from our CBS newsroom in New York this is The CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite." Would you possibly know the precise years he served in that capacity? I'm assuming 1950s-70s but would like to pin it down even further.


Ed Note: If anyone has any information, please forward to me for relay.