Saturday, March 12, 2005

Jack Katz, WW 2 AAF Tech.Sgt. Air Medal 45 missions over Europe.

I was sorry to read of the untimely death of Jack Katz. He was a very pleasant man to work with. He didn't posses any of the Star-Power attitudes that some other audio men without portfolio displayed . He was a renaissance man, a very helpful person to anyone that needed his talents.
He was from the Wm. Paley mold: as George Gray, Elliot Gordon, Larry Schneider and other great CBS engineers. He enjoyed good humor, and had a quick wit.
As you can see from the line above he served honorably and with distinction.
He now joins those on the CBS pantheon of good and decent people.
Jack, wherever your spirit is, I am sure there is room for another good man.

Tony Cucurullo